Rejuvenated T cells attacking tumor cells
and leading them to apoptosis

Cell Stem Cell.
2018 Dec 6;23(6):850-858.e4. doi: 10.1016/
j.stem.2018.10.005. Epub 2018 Nov 15.


Your Cancer, Your Cell, Your Cure

Cure each cancer patient,
and remove fears from patients,
cancer survivors and families for good.



Thyas will be the 1st and only company to provide robust
and efficient autologous cell therapy platform using its iPSC technologies.

iPS cells reprogrammed from T cells

iPS cells reprogrammed from T cells


Management Team

  • Yasumichi Hitoshi, Ph.D., CEO

    Trained in Immunology, >15 year experience with heading oncology and metabolism researches. Being involved in development of T cell therapeutics for clinical testing at Thyas Co. Ltd.


    • 1987: Graduated from Kumamoto U. Japan,and received MD
    • 1991: Obtained PhD at Kumamoto U. (Immunology)
    • 1991: Assistant professor at Kumamoto U.
    • 1992: Assistant professor at Inst. Med. Sci., U. Tokyo
    • 1995: Post-Doc at Stanford U.
    • 1998: Joined Rigel Pharmaceutics Inc.
    • 2009: Vice President, Biology, at Pharmaceutics Inc.
    • 2017: Joined Thyas Co.Ltd. as President & CEO
  • Shin Kaneko, Ph.D., CSO

    Associate Professor at Kyoto University. Renowned scientist and authority on T cell differentiation from iPS cells. Familiar to Japanese regulations on cell therapy and regenerative therapy products


    • 1995: Graduated from Tsukuba U., Japan, and received MD
    • 2002: Obtained PhD at Tsukuba U. (Immunology)
    • 2003: Lecturer at Tsukuba U. (Hematology)
    • 2005: Post-Doc at San Raffaele Sci. Inst., Italy
    • 2008: Assistant professor at Inst. Med. Sci., U. Tokyo, Japan
    • 2012: Associate professor at Cent. iPS Cell Res. Appl.(CIRA),Kyoto U. Japan
    • 2013: Director and head of the Facility of iPS Cell Therapy (FiT), Kyoto U.
    • 2017: Joined Thyas as CSO


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  • Ryosuke Gonotsubo, MBA, Director

    Ryosuke Gonotsubo has an LL.B. from Kyoto University and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. He joined Kyoto University Innovation Capital in September 2015 and his current duties encompass life science (iPSC), energy, IoT, and AI. He is also a Director of Stem Cell and Device Laboratory, Inc.; and Space Power Technologies Inc.
    He was formerly the manager of Business Development and Investment Innovation Office at Kanematsu Corporation, one of the largest Japanese investment and trading conglomerates. While he led domestic and overseas investment, he also initiated the new business creation of an electric vehicle (EV) battery charging network and a smartphone application for EV taxis.

  • Hiroyuki Ueno, Ph.D., Director

    Dr. Hiroyuki Ueno earned his Ph.D. from Osaka University and presently serves as an officer for Kyoto University Innovation Capital. He has invested in life science and healthcare companies and also holds director or observer roles in such firms, including Chordia Therapeutics, Drawbridge Health, AlphaNavi Pharma, Kola-Gen Pharma, and CleanHearing.
    His previous positions include work as a Fellow for Sumitomo Dainippon Pharmaceutical Company and Principal Scientist for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. He is a widely published author in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, physiology, and drug discovery.


  • Yoshimoto Katsura, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

    Professor emeritus, Kyoto University. He graduated from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto university. After his graduation, he has been fascinated by biological processes especially regulation of immune system, and studying functional diversity of helper T cells and thymic T cell differentiation. His research lead to identification of precursor T cells and critical elements of T cell differentiation. He established Kyoto T Cell Conference (KTCC) in 1991 to accelerate global interaction of T cell researchers. He serves as a scientific advisor in the field of immunology and oncology for Thyas Co.Ltd.


    • 1977: Professor, Department of Bacteriological serology, Institute for tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases, Kyoto University
    • 1997: Professor, Department of Immunology, Institute for Frontier Medical Science, Kyoto University
    • 2002: Visiting professor, Nihon University School of Medicine, Visiting professor, Tokyo medical and dental university
    • 2013: CEO, AsTlym Co. Ltd.
    • 2016: President & chairman, AsTlym Co. Ltd.
    • 2017: Scientific advisor, Thyas Co. Ltd.