People behind our work

I am honored to be leading a brilliant team leveraging Kyoto University's Nobel Prize-winning technology to one day cure cancer and other diseases.
- Yasumichi Hitoshi, MD, PhD, Thyas President and CEO
The new immune cells we grow can identify their disease target more specifically than anything anyone could make. And they are limitless.
- Shin Kaneko, MD, PhD, Thyas Chief Science Officer
Based on the unique iPSC technologies developed at Kyoto University, we are pursuing exciting opportunities in both science and business. I can't wait to deliver the therapy to those in need!
- Ryosuke Gonotsubo, MBA, Thyas Director of Finance
I believe our rejuvenated T cells with iPSC technology provide a novel therapeutic option. We are standing with cancer patients and their families.
- Hiroyuki Ueno, PhD, Thyas Director
Thyas is pursuing very promising technology for the future health of humanity.
- Yoshimoto Katsura, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University, Thyas Scientific Advisor


2006 First induced stem cells

Shinya Yamanaka MD PhD and his team generated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from skin cells. Like embryonic stem cells, they could be converted to most other types of cells.

2008 Patents awarded, CiRA founded

Kyoto University awarded patent on Method for Generation of iPS Cells.  Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) is founded at Kyoto University.

2012 Nobel Prize

Dr Yamanaka wins Nobel Prize in Medicine “for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent.”

2013 T-iPS cells

Shin Kaneko, MD, PhD and CiRA team publish paper on reprogramming stem cells into T cells.

2015 Thyas established

Thyas Co Ltd established by CiRA and KYOTO-iCAP to focus on treating cancer and other chronic diseases with  T-iPSC.

2017 Dr Hitoshi becomes CEO

Yasumichi Hitoshi, MD, PhD joins Thyas as CEO after working for decades at San Francisco biotech Rigel Inc and post doctoral work at Stanford.