Thyas has signed a new license agreement (*1) with iPS Academia Japan, Inc. (*2: “iPS-AJ”, Kyoto, Japan) in which iPS-AJ agrees to extend the applications of the already-granted exclusive license of patents relating to iPSC-to-T cell differentiation technologies (“iPS-T Patents”) to the allogeneic iPSC-derived T cell (“iPS-TTM”) therapies for treatments of cancers and infectious diseases worldwide. 

Thyas had already signed a license agreement with iPS-AJ on Jan.17, 2019, in which iPS-AJ granted a non-exclusive license of the patents relating to iPS cell reprogramming technologies and an exclusive license of the iPS-T Patents for autologous iPS-T therapies for treatments of cancers and infectious diseases worldwide. With the new agreement, in addition to autologous iPS-T products, Thyas will develop, produce, and commercialize allogeneic iPS-T products. 

*1: Under the new agreement, iPS-AJ agrees that 1) the iPS-T Patents are exclusively licensed to Thyas for personalized allogeneic iPS-T products, and 2) iPS-AJ will not license the iPS-T Patents to any third party other than Thyas and additional few companies for non-personalized allogeneic iPS-T products. 

*2:  iPS-AJ is a technology licensing organization of Kyoto University.