Thyas Co. Ltd. (“Thyas”; Kyoto, Japan; Representative Directors, Yasumichi Hitoshi and Ryosuke Gonotsubo) announces that it sponsored Springer Nature’s “Nature Milestone: T cells” project, and Thyas’ R&D activities are introduced as a Sponsor Feature article.

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Thyas’ Article: “Leading the next wave of cancer immune-cell therapies via allogeneic iPS-Ts.”                                    

About “Nature Milestone: T cells”

Nature Milestones highlights key discoveries that have shaped different scientific fields. They enable the wider recognition of these classic findings that are often only recognized by those in the field. To exhibit and celebrate the field of T-cell biology, a cornerstone and essential component of the immune system, Springer Nature has launched a unique project entitled Nature Milestones in T-Cells. T-cells are critical players in the immune system, intricately involved and integrated during health, and intimately implicated in a range of diseases.

Nature Milestone: T cells aims to celebrate and highlight the pivotal ground breaking milestones in T-cell biology and become a resource and focal point. Also, this milestones introduces how T-cell research has developed from our earliest understanding, as well its growing impact in therapeutic advances and public health.